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The process

A simple approach to a complex solution

The content creation phase involves planning, gathering, and creating all the textual and visual content used on the website. It includes:

  • Defining the website's purpose and target audience.
  • Conducting content research and gathering the necessary information.
  • Writing and organizing the website's copy, including headlines, paragraphs, and calls to action.
  • Creating or sourcing visual elements like images, graphics, and videos used on the site.
  • Ensuring that the content aligns with the overall goals and messaging of the website.

The design phase involves translating the content and conceptual ideas into a visually appealing and functional website layout. It includes:

  • Creating wireframes or mockups to outline the website's structure and user interface.
  • Designing the website's visual elements, such as logos, color schemes, typography, and overall style.
  • Incorporating the content into the design to ensure it is presented engaging and user-friendly.
  • Designing responsive layouts to ensure the website adapts well to different devices and screen sizes.

The development phase is where the website's code is written to bring the design to life and make it functional. It includes:

  • Front-end development: Writing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code to build the user interface and implement the design.
  • Back-end development: Creating server-side code and databases to handle data processing and interaction.
  • Integrating the front-end and back-end components to work seamlessly together.
  • Conducting thorough testing to identify and resolve any bugs or issues.
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RestAPIs & Integrations

REST APIs allow different software to talk to each other and exchange information. For example, as a mortgage and real estate broker, REST APIs can help you streamline lead management across all phases of the lead cycle, access MLS data, and connect your website to proprietary software. In turn, it dramatically improves the functionality and efficiency of your project.

Web Development

WebApps built to scale

We specialize in modern technology stacks that suit the unique requirements of most projects found on the web today. These stacks offer distinctive backend advantages, comprising a web framework, database, server, and coding language to implement the application's business logic. Choosing the right technology stack is a critical decision that can significantly impact your project's long-term success and scalability.

With our expertise and understanding of fullstack web development, a free 30-minute consultation is an excellent place to start to guide you towards achieving your goals.

Below is a brief overview of the stacks we work with.

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LAMP Stack (WordPress)

Recommended if you want a user-friendly content management system (CMS) that's easy to update.

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The Python Stack

Recommended if you need a highly customized and scalable web application or have specific functionality requirements.

Python web frameworks excel in building complex, data-driven applications. They are known for their security and scalability, making them a great choice if your business needs more than just a static website.

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Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps (PWAs) combine the best features of traditional websites and platform-specific apps. They are developed using web technologies, making them compatible with various operating systems and devices.

PWAs, like platform-specific apps with icons, can be accessed directly from the web or installed on the device.

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